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Breastfeeding is, for many women, a natural, fulfilling and rewarding way in which to feed their baby. Breast pumps are used by most breastfeeding mums to express some or even all of their precious breast milk. There are many reasons why mothers choose to use or need to use a breast pump:

  • The mother has to return to work or college
  • The mother may have a commitment to go to where it is not appropriate to bring a baby
  • Mother has to take medication that could be carried in the breast milk
  • Mother suffers from pain while breastfeeding
  • Relieving the discomfort of engorgement
  • Mother has an oversupply of breast milk
  • The mother does not have to do all of the night feeds if there is expressed milk
  • Mother’s let-down reaction is too fast - also known as overactive let-down
  • Mother is going somewhere that is not appropriate to breastfeed

So using a breast pump gives the best of both worlds - the benefits of breast feeding and bottle feeding together!

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