Technics for health!

GammaMeet the producer of quality medical devices, health and beauty products which enable people to monitor state of their health on their own as well as to be in good form and live a full life.

Accuracy, safety, reliability, user friendliness are the main requirements of ТМGamma medical devices.

All the products of ТМGamma are certified in accordance with European quality standard, thoroughly tested and clinically approved.

This equipment is specially designed for home use. The devices are affordable, easy to operate and maintain. Many Ukrainian families trust in ТМ Gamma health products.

"Zirka Yakostі"(Star of Quality)In January, 2012, due to high quality, accuracy and reliability of medical devices,ТМGamma received prestigious award "Zirka Yakostі"(Star of Quality) of goods and services national rating.

High quality, contemporary design and reasonable price make products of ТМGamma a better choice for the users.